An advanced call history and price calculation for Windows Mobile devices



This program will give you many advantages over the built in call history of Windows Mobile.

  • Have you ever wanted to filter a number in your call log?
  • Have you ever wanted to see more numbers on each screen ?
  • Have you ever needed to view the details of each call without having to tap on each number ?
  • Have you tried to copy a number to the calendar or to a note and found out it's impossible to copy a number from the call log ?
  • Do you get many incoming calls  from customers and want to see when you talked with each in the past ?
  • Do you have missed calls from unknown callers and want to see if you talked with them before ?
  • Do you want to see what are the longest calls you make, so you can control your expenses  better ?
  • Do you want to backup your calls and export them to excel?
  • Do you want to be able to have more than 300 calls in your call log?
  • Do you want to see the current price of your calls and older bills? (Historia 3)

If you answered yes to one or more questions, then you must have Historia.


  • Detailed information on each call , shown nicely in a table.
  • Many lines of calls per screen depending on the size of font you choose in the application settings.
  • Calls are saved in a CSV file in My documents folder. you can open it with excel in your Computer, and work on the data as you wish.
  • Colors, each type of call is colored differently: Red - Incoming, Green - Outgoing, Yellow - Missed.
  • Filtering option, by type of call or by number.
  • Calling a number from within Historia.
  • Sending SMS.
  • Copying a number to the clipboard. (Historia 3).
  • Saving a number to the contacts.
  • Deleting calls.
  • Specifying the limit of number of calls which will be saved to the csv file up to 100,000 calls.
  • Automatic updating of the call list when new calls are made.
  • Column width can be changed by the user and the settings are saved.
  • Changing the font type and size.
  • Price Calculation.
  • Searching for a number or part of a number.

Excel Examples of how you can process the data in the exported file

data of the file opened in excel as csv

monthly bill calculation

percentage of call types