Historia Support


    Historia supports all Windows Mobile versions: WM 6.1, WM6, WM 5, PocketPC 2003 SE Phone Edition, PockerPC         2003 Phone Edition. Make sure first you have .NET Compact Framework 2 installed.
    What does the program do?

    The program will show you the history of your calls in much better way than the built in call logs, you can see more calls per           screen.
    It also will allow you to have up to 100,000 calls in history, and will export the calls to a csv file.
    You can also set the display to your preferences, and you can also copy a number to the clipboard (in Historia for WM PRO) and     filter by a specific number or delete all calls from a specific number in one tap.

    How do I use a number in the call log?

    In Historia for WM PRO, open a context menu for a call by tapping and holding the desired call and the context menu will pop up     with options to call the number, send sms, save to contacts, copy the number to the clipboard, filter the number, delete the             number or delete all numbers.
    In Historia for WM Standard,you have to select the call by highlighting it, and then choose action from the buttom menu.
     Copying to Clipboard is not available in Historia for WM Standard.

    How do I delete all numbers?

    Delete all numbers will delete all numbers currently on screen, if no filter is selected all numbers will be deleted, if the calls             are filtered by type or number , only the filtered calls will be deleted.
    This won't delete any numbers from the WM built in call log.

    How do I filter by type?

    To filter by type select Filter from the bottom menu, and mark the type you want to filter by. To clear filteration , tap that type         again, and the v mark will be removed.

    How do I return to all calls from filtered by number screen?

    To return to all calls from filtered by number, tap the back menu at the bottom.

    How do I change the settings?

    To enter the settings window, tap menu and tap settings, in the settings window you can choose font settings, and limit the             number of calls displayed, if you choose a limit that is less than the current number of calls ( also shown in the settings window),     older calls will be deleted. you can choose a limit between 10 and 100000.
    You can change the width of the columns  by draging the headers edges, it will be saved.

    What is the recommended way of using Historia?

    The recommended way to use the program is to open it once and keep it running on the background, anytime new calls are             made and you switch back to Historia, Historia will be updated automatically.

    How can I use the exporting function?

    Exported calls will be in a folder named Historia and it will be located in My Documents folder in the device, this folder will be         synchronized to your desktop computer, if you chose to synchronize files in Activesync.
    To open it in Excel:
  1. Open Excel.
  2. Click File, Open...
  3. Choose file type as "all files", Browse to your synchronized folder \Historia, and open Historia.txt.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select comma as the separator.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click the number column and change its format to text.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Save the file as xls file.
    Make sure you don't change the original file, or Historia might not function correctly.
    If you happen to change the original file and you get an error message in Historia, simply delete the file and Historia will recreate     it again, but you will lose all calls in the file. If you backed up the file before, you can also replace the corrupted file with the         backup.

    How can I use the Price Calculation function?

    When on the main screen, tap Menu and Bills, then go to the settings tab and choose your account settings, go to the buttom of     the window and tap on "clear all bills" tap ok, tap back, andtap Bills to return to the bills window, you will see graphs of the last     12 months bills.
    When you change the settings in the future, only last bill will be changed, if you want to change all bills to newer settings,
tap on     "clear all bills".
    You can also see the bills in table view by tapping table.
    The bills will be saved in bills.txt file in My Documents\Historia folder, so you can open it in excel too.

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