Click one of the buttons to download Historia.
   First button is for Windows Mobile Proffesional devices or Pocket PC Phone Edition.
   Second button is for Windows Mobile Standard or Smartphones.
   Third button is a basic version.

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   Historia supports all Windows Mobile versions: WM 6.1, WM6, WM 5, PocketPC 2003 SE Phone Edition, PocketPC 2003 Phone Edition.
    Make sure first you have .NET Compact Framework 2 installed.


    Now it's a Freeware, Completely Free!!!

Installation Instructions

  1. If you don't have at least .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 installed, you have to download and install it first before you can run Historia, you can download SP2 from here:
    Dot NET Compact Framework 3.5(Microsoft Site) 
  2. Download Historia clicking one of the buttons on top. Unzip the file, and run Setup.exe , don't copy it to the device, it will be installed with Activesync, follow the on screen instructions.
  3. Enter your device ID in this box, choose the version you use and click the button to get your key number.
  4. Enter the key number and choose Register on the logon screen of Historia.

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